The Closed Door

A certain guru told about the story of Jesus knocking on a door in a house beside the street. The door had no doorknob.

The listener asked why the door had no doorknob. Also, why did Jesus not just pushed the door or entered through it? After all, he is God.

The guru explained that the door had no door knob because it was designed to be opened from inside.

This door is like our hearts. Jesus knocks and waits for us to open the door and invite Him inside. He will knock and encourage us to open our doors – our hearts, but he respects our freedom. He will not make a forced entry if we refuse. Once invited to go in, He will do so and if you ask Him to leave, He will also do so.

I Revelations 3:20

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

How do we open our hearts?

We open our hearts by rejecting evil and sin, by giving up all anger and bitterness from our hearts, by denouncing envy and denouncing worldly preoccupation. You cannot serve both God and mammon.” (MATTHEW 6:24). And you must will it and want it.

What are the benefits?

Letting Jesus enter will not mean freedom from life’s problems. The evil one will always want to keep our attention riveted to the things that will cost our salvation, that will stop us from having an intimate relationship with God. But when we let Jesus enter into our hearts, we have peace that this world does not know. We obtain the grace to live with a clear conscience and able to live the goodness and joy that radiates to others.


Lord Jesus, I invite you to enter my heart today and never leave again. I give up my worldly desires and place my full trust in you. I deliberately choose to give up my ways that displease you. I cast away all anger and resentment and anything that hinders you coming into my heart. I ask you protect my mind, soul and whole being from the influence of the evil one. Amen.



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