Inner Place

 “Make Your Wish Come True”

Worried? Faced with a difficult problem?
Things not going your way?
Want Something Desperately?
Do you have a Secret Wish?

You are not here by accident, friend.
This time was appointed and for a special purpose.
God knows your situation. He cares for you and He wants
to help you. Do you believe that He exists?

Try the short exercise
below and something good will happen to you!!!
You have nothing to lose, only to gain…

Try God!!!

(Follow the steps below)


Think of the thing or situation that you want so much
to happen in your life. What is your heart’s deepest desire?
Do you have a secret wish?


Ask God what is His Will for you in this situation.


Did you get a “Yes“? Then rejoice and believe… Thank God.
Did you get a “No“? Don’t be depressed. Try storming the gates of heaven and your wish may be granted to you. How? Pray something like this:

Heavenly FATHER, giver of life and light of my soul,
I acknowledge your Holy power. I am sorry for the wrongs that I have done against you or my neighbor.

Thank you for the opportunities, the challenges, the resources and blessings in my life.

Lord, you are more powerful than anybody, than anything in this world, than any situation. I accept that apart from you I can do nothing.

Please fill me now with your Holy Spirit that I may discern what is good for me and pleasing before you. Please walk with me today and the rest of my life. If it so pleases you, may I ask for this special favor ____________.

Thank you, God.

Final Step:

Listen to God’s answer.How? You will hear it in your heart.

You will see it in the things that will happen to you.
You will hear it from the mouth of a friend.
It will be revealed to you in a dream.
Best of all, he will speak to you through His WORD.
Go, get your Holy Bible! Open it! You’ll get your answer.

GOD answers in many marvelous ways.
Listen!!! Discern…

God bless you!

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