Beautify My Heart

Most of us tend to jump to wrong conclusions about others. We tend to judge others wrongly from what we see. Even our own family members can become the object of our suspicions, sometimes ending in quarrels. We immediately see the wrongs they have done instead of seeing their good side.

Jesus called the tax collector Matthew to follow him. In those days, Matthew was considered a big sinner. People frowned and disapproved Jesus’s action to dine with people like Matthew and the other sinners. But Jesus saw something good in Matthew’s heart. Indeed, Matthew became great.

How do we look at others? How do we look at our family members? Do we see their wrongs? Or do we look at them with love?

If you are always negative, utter this simple prayer…

My Lord and my God, please beautify my heart that I may see the good in others.

Repeat this prayer to yourself until you are able to internalize it and eventually result in a change in your outlook.

May you become more positive… God bless you.

Source: July 6 Homily, Sto. Nino Church of Tacloban



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